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You want fencing that lasts? – Turn to the expert!
We have everything you need for fencing and fence installation!


Highest quality wire meshes from New Zealand 30 year guarantee
Top quality galvanized metal posts 30 year guarantee.


We install hunting preserve fences, forest fences, game fences, utility fences, field fences, highway fences, industrial- and residential security fences with 10 year guarantee.

Main profile of our company:

Retail and wholesale of:

  • X-FENCE and EUROFENCE wire meshes and accessories,
  • PROPICLO metallic fence system elements,
  • BENTLEY electric fence system elements,
  • KING HITTER hydraulic post drivers and adapters,
  • HAYES fencing tools.

Fence installation with the use of distributed products:

  • game fences for roads and highways,
  • design and fencing of breeding gardens and game preserves,
  • ranch, pasture, and farm fencing,
  • residential security fences for homes, weekend houses and homesteads,
  • industrial and commercial security fencing,
  • vineyard- and orchard trellis systems.


The goal of Colas Ltd. is to offer highest quality wire fences, fencing materials, and world class fencing equipment at a favorable price. Our expert fence installers have over a decade of experience to guarantee the quality of our fences, installed professionally, and always on time.

Our use of top quality mesh fences and fencing materials, and of seasoned experts for fence installation, guarantees the long term quality and durability of our fences.

Choose the products distributed by our company, and ask for the services of our professional fence installers.
Choose "Tomorrow's Fencing technology"!

For more information about the distributed products or our services, please contact us at the phone number or e-mail address available in the Contact menu.


Zsombori László
owner, CEO


Our references:

Location Use  length Type of fence Year of installation  
Zalan - hunting preserve fence 13.000 m Eurofence + acacia posts 2007
Savarsin - security fence 1.800 m Eurofence + acacia posts 2008  
Hargita county - security fences (Industrial site, Horse farm, Real estate) 6.500 m Eurofence + acacia posts 2008
Constanta - Industrial site - security fence 400 m Eurofence + Propiclo metal posts 2008  
Savarsin - security fence 1.300 m Eurofence + Propiclo metal posts 2008  
Constanta - security fence 2.500 m XFENCE + Propiclo metal posts 2008  
Total fencing installed in Romania: 25.500 m      


Our company is the Central and Eastern European official distributor of the following brands and products:


EuroCorporation Ltd.